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CatRangers is a licensed 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that operates from their adoption and visitors center in Historic Buford, Georgia. The center has a home-like atmosphere where rescued and orphaned cats and kittens can recover and heal as can those who visit. CatRangers is a no-kill rescue that is entirely free roaming (cage free) so their adoptable cats can become accustomed to living in a home and  potential adopters can see their true nature. CatRangers rescues only cats and kittens facing dire situations, including abandonment, family crisis, injury and overcrowded animal control facilities, providing them with medical care, a loving environment and working to find them forever homes. Working with these often traumatized cats and kittens both physically and emotionally, truly restores their love for mankind, creating a permanent loving bond with their new families. CatRangers has rescued and found homes for over 6000 cats and kittens since 2010. Their mission continues to be rescuing cats and kittens with urgent needs and placing them in permanent loving homes, thus helping both cats and families to heal and gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between animalkind and humankind. We hope you will feel moved to align with our mission and choose to donate, volunteer or foster and make a difference in the lives of our furry friends and their families. Together We Can Save Lives....


Adoption Center

CatRangers Adoption Center is an open, home-like environment where our kitties are free to roam and explore. The Center is home to our cats that are 4 months or older while they recover from recent trauma and find their true forever family. Our younger kittens are in loving foster homes. We welcome visitors to come by to help socialize and give attention to the cats, but it is still best to contact us in advance to make sure we don’t have too many visitors at once. We also hope you will also find your forever cat. The best times for visitors are Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday's between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm. All other days/times are available by appointment only. Children are welcome. We request that both children and adults follow our rules which include being quiet and calm not to scare our kitties. We hope to see you soon.


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Drew is a a very sweet kitty who finds himself without a family. He is very loving and friendly with our volunteers and Drew would like to find a home where he can snuggle on a cat tree and watch the ...read more about Drew
Leo is a handsome and thoughtful old soul.  He is 2 years old but is very wise for his age.  He sits backs and observes what's going on around him and then joins in the fun.  He wil...read more about Leo
Handsome Goose is a very friendly and attention-seeking boy. He loves scratches and pets and will roll over and let you scratch his tummy. Goose has no reservations about letting you know he needs a...read more about Goose
  Miss Coco
Miss Coco lost an eye as a baby and is partially blind in the other eye.  She is a very sweet girl and will be a loving companion. 
Daquiri was a very young mommy and was very loving to her babies. She is still a kitten herself and loves being petted.  She likes playing with lasers and loves exploring around the house. She...read more about Daquiri
Maybelle is a young mom who has weaned her kitties and and is ready to find her forever home.  She hopes her new home will have lots of cat trees she can sit in and watch the squirrels outside.&n...read more about Maybelle
Kessie has just arrived at Cat Rangers and she is celebrating.  Kessie loves all the other kitties and our volunteers and thinks every day is a party. She has lots of personality and will be a fa...read more about Kessie
  Dean Martin
Dean Martin has the most stunning markings, bringing out that bengal beauty. He is such a gentle sweet kitty who is a little shy at first, but very quickly warms up to you.  He is very pla...read more about Dean Martin

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