About CatRangers....

CatRangers is a 501(c)(3) licensed urgent need animal rescue that was founded in 2005. CatRangers rescue began as a two year long feral cat program with the Corp of Engineers at Lake Lanier, Georgia when a large colony of feral cats was mandated for destruction. Through group efforts and cooperation among many humane organizations almost all the cats were rescued and properly spayed or neutered.
Today, CatRangers has rescued over 6000 cats and kittens and placed them in loving homes, provided medical care for countless others, and assisted many families in feeding and caring for their furry family members. This includes many seniors and special needs kitties who would truly have no other place to go. That’s why CatRangers was founded as the 'Special Forces' of cat rescue.

CatRangers rescues only animals that are facing imminent euthanasia or other life threatening event. These can be shelter animals on death row, abandoned animals, or even those caught up in a family crisis. CatRangers works primarily through their Adoption & Visitor Center in Buford, Georgia, where rescued kitties can recover before finding their loving forever homes.

CatRangers adoptions include virtual or in some cases in person home review and a "return for life" promise in the event they cannot keep them. CatRangers realizes that these extra steps for approval and lifetime return policies will reduce the number of adoptions annually, but believes that these policies will provide a better life for their adopted pets.